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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of the word popularity?

: the state of being liked, enjoyed, accepted, or done by a large number of people : the quality or state of being popular See the full definition for popularityin the English Language Learners Dictionary

What does it mean to be popular in a group?

Individuals who have perceived popularity are often highly socially visible and frequently emulated but rarely liked. Since perceived popularity is a measure of visible reputation and emulation, this form of popularity is most openly discussed, agreed upon within a group, and what most people refer to when they call someone popular.

Is the definition of popularity based on being well liked?

For many years, popularity research focused on a definition of popularity that was based on being "well liked.". Eventually, it was discovered that those who are perceived as popular are not necessarily the most well liked as originally assumed.

What does it mean to be popular in school?

Popularity also leads to students in academic environments to receive more help, have more positive relationships and stereotypes, and be more approached by peers. While this is the research found in schools, it is likely to be generalized to a workplace.

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