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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to get directions to RMS Port Macquarie?

Maps and GPS directions to RMS Port Macquarie and other Roads and Maritime Service locations in Australia. Find your nearest Roads and Maritime Service. NSW Roads and Maritime Service locations.

Where is the service centre in Port Macquarie?

Port Macquarie Service Centre is located at Corner of Central Road and Barton Crescent, Port Macquarie NSW, 2444. Port Macquarie Service Centre | Service NSW Skip to content

Where is the RTA in Port Macquarie NSW?

The RTA work is now completed by Service NSW and they have different opening hours. Loading map... Click here to see this map. Maps and GPS directions to RTA Port Macquarie and other RTA Motor Registry locations in Australia. Find your nearest RTA Motor Registry.

What do people do in Port Macquarie NSW?

The port is a growing regional centre with an expanding population and the enclosed waters are popular for a range of boating from kayaking, water skiing, sailing and fishing. The port gives access offshore to recreational and commercial fishers.

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