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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the creator of the Portal 2 personality cores?

These Portal 2 Personality cores created by Chris Myles are all the goodness of Portal 2 wrapped up in fully functional replicas of the characters that hamper and help you throughout your adventure in the Aperture Science facility.

How to make your own Portal 2 character?

Step 1: Decide who you want to make. All the Personality Cores in Portal 2 are wonderful characters! I’m sure you have a favorite in mind to make, so decide now who that is! If it’s too hard to decide, I do have an idea on how to make your Core able to change into different characters (see my notes on that later).

Is it possible to make a Portal 2 core?

It’s not practical for game designers to make real-life-accurate models for their games. Instead, they use digital tricks to make them look ‘good enough’. Because of this, it is impossible to make a Personality Core that works exactly like they do in Portal 2. However, it is possible to imitate a Core’s motion.

How does GLaDOS feel about losing her core in Portal 2?

In Portal 2, GLaDOS, due to the loss of this core, sounds very mellow, and barely expresses any emotional indications of hostility; she remains resentful over her attempted destruction and makes snarky comments towards Chell while being tested early in the game. One minute ago. Less than one minute ago you solved this puzzle.

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