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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the portal of 12 12 12?

The portal of 12:12:12 is the final portal of synthesis and integration of all our lifetimes on Earth and a necessary preparation for our main activation on December 21st. On that day, an important victory of the Light forces will be achieved.

Who is Cobra the writer of Portal 2012?

Cobra is a codename for the writer of Portal 2012 blog. You can visit Cobra's blog here: Cobra’s identity must remain veiled for now for various reasons. Cobra is a messenger for the Resistance Movement.

When is the portal going to be open?

If you wish to take the contact with your chosen ship to a more advanced level, you can use CE-5 protocols developed by Dr. Steven Greer. To receive instructions, you can join a CE-5 group here: On December 12th, nine days before the end of the cycle, another portal will open.

What happens at the end of the portal?

The Solar System beyond lunar orbit is being actively activated into a multidimensional Ascension portal with many positive cosmic races being present within the Solar System with their Living Light motherships. The last remnants of the dark Draco fleet there are being chased down.

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