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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Azure Government work with the government?

Azure Government, with its Azure AD infrastructure was created later. By that time, GCC had already secured the necessary compliance certifications (for example, FedRAMP Moderate and CJIS) to meet Federal, State, and Local government requirements while serving hundreds of thousands of customers.

Where do I sign in for Microsoft Azure?

We've updated the portal endpoints for Microsoft Azure Government, Microsoft 365 Government – GCC High, and Microsoft 365 Government – DoD, as shown in the Endpoint mapping table. Previously customers could sign in using the worldwide Azure ( and Office 365 ( portals.

Is there a GCC for Microsoft Office 365?

Features that are automatically enabled in Office 365 Government GCC tenants meet the strict requirements of certifications defined in the Microsoft Trust Center Compliance page. A new service, application, or feature is introduced to the subscriptions only after it meets the compliance requirements.

Where do I Register my Azure Government application?

If you choose Azure AD Public identities for your Azure Government application, you must register the application in your Azure AD Public tenant. Otherwise, if you perform the app registration in the directory the subscription trusts (Azure Government) the intended set of users cannot authenticate.

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