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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best site for Azure portal onboarding?

Azure portal has migrated the extension configuration for all clouds to service tree. Partner teams can now manage the configuration through Easy Start onboarding site. Azure portal onboarding is now available through EasyStart Onboarding.

Where do I request a partner for Azure portal?

If the extension requires additional built-in support for standard Graph or ARM APIs, submit a partner request at the site located at The Azure Fundamentals are a set of tenets to which each Azure service is expected to adhere.

Can a service tree ID be associated with an Azure portal?

A service tree id can be associated with one or more Azure portal extensions. Eg: Azure Portal, IaaS Experiences, AAD, Intune. Third Party services must have a VP/Partner level sponsor at Microsoft and must always be onboarded with the help of Azure portal team's guidance

How to secure your pre-production environment in azure?

The Azure App Service Authentication \ Authorization feature can be leveraged to secure a site slot since they're basically fully functional web apps. In this blog I will walk you through a pretty simple, yet powerful, scenario.

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