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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Crexendo work as a mobile phone?

Communicate effectively via desk phone, soft phone, mobile app or collaboration tool from anywhere. From executive touchscreens to wireless devices, our intuitively designed phones have you covered. From video conferencing and screen sharing to audio conferencing, we make it easy to stay on task and work as a team from anywhere.

What can I do with a Crexendo expansion module?

This is an expansion module for many IP phones. It expands the functional capability of your VoIP phone to a whole new level. Two page views allow 40 programmable keys that work as BLF, Speed Dial, Call Park, Call Pick Up, Directed Pickup and more. Download the guide for more information!

Do you have to pay to use Crexendo?

Our platform is 100% supported U.S. based support, solutions engineered and custom developed in-house. Right now, you're probably paying for a hardware system, in addition to paying maintenance fees and paying your service provider for dial tone all at the same time.

How to set up a conference call on Crexendo?

Step 1) Press the Conference soft key during an active call. The call is placed on hold. Step 2) Enter the number of the second party, and then press the Send soft key. Step 3) Press the Conference soft key again when the second party answers. All parties are now joined in the conference.

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