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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the girl in the Facebook Portal commercial?

If you can't be there, Portal from Facebook insists it can at least help you feel there. “If You Can't Be There, Feel There.” Shelley Robertson ... Sister

What is the purpose of the Facebook Portal?

The Facebook Portal device is a smart display. Its primary purpose is to make video calls to friends and family via Facebook Messenger’s built-in video calling service, but the Facebook Portal also boasts Alexa functionality.

Who is the guy in the Facebook commercial?

About Portal from Facebook TV Commercial, 'Birthday'. After Portal from Facebook shows him a reminder, this man uses the built-in Alexa voice assistant to call his sister Rory on her birthday. She is pleased that he remembered, but when he holds up a plant and tells her it's her gift, she points out that it's half-dead.

Where can I buy a Facebook Portal device?

You might have seen the Facebook Portal on a shelf at Best Buy or seen one of the more recent advertisements on TV, like that over the top Super Bowl commercial. And like many viewers, you might have asked yourself: what exactly is the Facebook Portal device?

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