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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you log in to Facebook without a password?

There isn't a way to open facebook without password. But you can select the "remember me"option or set the browser to remember your password. In this way you can login to facebook without entering password. And if you have forget your password, simply click the "forgot password" option.

What is the best way to access Facebook?

Access Facebook with a Secure Web Proxy. The easiest way to access Facebook when it is blocked is using a secure web proxy. Using proxy sites, you can unblock facebook and can use it at your convenience. Some of the proxy sites are not free and requires you to pay an amount before you can actually use them.

How do I access Facebook quickly?

How to access Facebook quickly. The quickest way:Change HTTP Protocol to HTTPS. Some users cannot access to facebook. In this case, let’s check the HTTP protocol. In some cases, you just need to change HTTP to HTTPS to be able to access Facebook normally. For example, instead of, change it into

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