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Frequently Asked Questions

How to access focus student portal for Lee County Schools?

To access the Focus Student Portal: 1 Enter your District Email Address in the USERNAME field. 2 Press TAB to open the District's Single Sign-On page. 3 Enter your District Network ID (e.g., SJ12345) & password on District Single Sign-On page. 4 Click SIGN-IN. More ...

Can a parent create a focus Parent Portal account?

Parents who have registered for a Focus Parent Portal account and linked their students, may log in above. Parents who have not registered for a Focus Parent Portal account need to review the directions and create their account before they can log in to the mobile app.

How is the focus student information system monitored?

Use of this network, its equipment, and resources is monitored at all times and requires explicit permission from the network administrator and Focus Student Information System. If you do not have this permission in writing, you are violating the regulations of this network and can and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

How to view Focus Training tutorial for parents?

View FOCUS Training Tutorial for parents Use your student Pinellas Domain/Network Credentials (R2.D2) to access. If you are having issues, contact your teacher. For Others, please contact your account sponsor/PCS contact.

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