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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free Steam keys for portal?

Now 2 more people can enjoy the awesome-ness that is Portal. I grabbed it when Steam was giving it away for free. My only regret is that I didn't get the game sooner. The people who took the keys and didn't say thank you, are complete assholes. Anyway nice to give them away for free! gz to the guys who are the fastest!

Which is the default key for the portal?

All keys are user-definable in the game Options, via the Developer Console. Contents 1Movement 2Actions 3Co-op 4Miscellaneous 5Miscellaneous Movement Key/Button Movement Action Key/Button Move forward W Move back A Move left (Strafe) S Move right (Strafe) D Jump SPACE Duck (Crouch) CTRL Actions Action Key/Button Fire Blue Portal

Do you have to play PS3 to get Portal 2 key?

The product code you have entered requires that you first play on the PlayStation®3 system before it can be registered. I think it can't be used, you need to play on the ps3 first, link both accounts then redeem this key on Steam, at least it's what the dialog says when I entered it.

What are the keys for the Fire Orange portal?

Fire Orange Portal Use Item (Buttons, Machines, ...) E Toggle Zoom Zoom In Zoom Out Co-op Action Key/Button Partner Remote View

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