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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Portal games detective game last?

In a world of modern crime, it takes both old-school skills and advanced tech to solve the case. This is a game of wits and deduction, a full game night experience – a single game session can last up to 3 or more hours. It is also rules-light, meaning, that the most powerful tool at your disposal is your team, your imagination, and your mind.

Who are the creators of the game Detective?

Detective is a modern crime board game, designed by przemysław Ryder and ignacy trzewiczek. Solve mysterious crimes and see if you would handle the job of a true detective in a modern setting! This is a true board game that tells stories, because you will participate in those stories.

Is the detective a modern crime board game a runner up?

We are happy to let you know, that Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game is a runner up, along with Chronicles of Crime, in the Cooperative Game category – won by The Mind. We are very grateful for your votes, and we are also incredibly proud that Detective is a four time nominee for the Golden Geek! We would like to congratulate all winners!

What are some detective games you can play?

Detective games let you play out your wildest fantasies and try your hand at puzzle solving and murder mysteries. This type of game is usually challenging and requires logic and puzzle solving skills. The Vortex Point series for example allows you to control Dr. Prescott and help him solve a variety of different mysteries and crimes.

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