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Frequently Asked Questions

How to login to the Insperity portal?

Insperity Portal | Login Portal Login SecureAuth Managed Logout Please wait while we process your logout request... New to Insperity? Create Account Copyright © xxxx Insperity. All rights reserved. Privacy PolicyContact Us

How to create a passport account with Insperity?

Insperity Passport Creation Create Account Step 1: Identify Last Name Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) Enter the text you see below BotDetect CAPTCHA ASP.NET Form Validation Copyright © xxxx Insperity. All rights reserved. Privacy PolicyContact Us

What do you need to know about Insperity HR?

Count on a dedicated team of HR specialists to provide the quick answers and assistance you need to navigate many of your complex HR challenges. Automate and streamline crucial HR tasks such as payroll, employment administration, benefits management and more using a single, integrated HR solution.

What kind of insurance does Insperity offer for employees?

Receive workers’ comp coverage and employment practices liability insurance coverage. Also, get assistance with HR-related government reporting, wage claims and audits, EEO services and more. Get one-on-one help with creating an employee handbook, job descriptions, recognition programs, as well as employee training and performance management.

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