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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Insperity health plan?

The structure and design of Insperity’s Group Health Plan helps us keep costs low while providing value to employees. The compound annual cost increase for group health insurance and related benefits paid by Insperity over the last 10 years averaged 3.68%. client’s comprehensive service fee. containment and stability.

What can Insperity do for your HR business?

Automate and streamline crucial HR tasks such as payroll, employment administration, benefits management and more using a single, integrated HR solution. Our clients share what excites them about working with Insperity, from taking care of their people to simplifying HR and better benefits.

Can You sponsor Your Own Insperity 401k plan?

Another option is to sponsor your own Insperity Customized 401 (k) Plan, which has competitive fees and can be designed for your specific situation and goals. This includes various options for eligibility, vesting, employee and employer contributions, automatic enrollment, and loans and in-service withdrawals.

What does the Insperity Corporate Social Responsibility Report do?

Insperity is committed to building strong, safe and sustainable communities. Released annually, the Insperity Corporate Social Responsibility Report highlights our activities in our local communities.

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