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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find Druids in Portal Knights in furfolk?

Druids are a Class in Portal Knights in Furfolk And Relic Defence DLC. It can shapeshift into a Slime, a Bear, a Dusty maggot,Spider and more! You can go to Stoutheart Landing, Bitter Root Battlefield, Fallentown Square, and The Temple Mines. You can buy Hardmode Versions from Wildhowl for 20,000 Defense Coins after all 3 are beaten.

What are all the items in Portal Knights?

Ingredients (Including Ores and Gems), Consumable (Including Food, Potions, Scrolls, Deeds, Skills, Secret Druid abilities, Recipes some may crash the game and Enemies be carefully with these) Blocks (Including Music Blocks and Unbreakable blocks be carefully with these) Quest Items (Including Druid and Rogue DLC)

How many portal stones do you need for Portal Knights?

Each portal requires six portal stones to activate it, and by doing so you open up a new island to explore. One of the portals on the island may even lead to a boss which upon killing will allow you access to a new set of islands with more exciting resources and enemies to collect and kill.

Can you change a trait in Portal Knights?

Once you choose a trait though you aren’t restricted to it for the rest of the game, you can change it whenever you wish depending on how you are playing at that point. Portal Knights is a crafting and building game at heart so make sure you spend some time creating a space on one of the islands to call home.

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