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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any cases of portal venous system aneurysms?

Portal venous system aneurysms were rare in our study group but occurred more frequently than previously thought. All thrombosed aneurysms, most with a recurrence, were symptomatic and larger in patients with symptoms of portal venous system aneurysm than in those without symptoms.

How big is a portal vein aneurysm in liver?

Portal vein aneurysm is defined as a portal vein diameter exceeding 1.9 cm in cirrhotic patients and 1.5 cm in normal livers. It can be congenital or acquired and portal hypertension represents the main cause of the acquired version. Surgical indication is considered in case of rupture, thrombosis or symptomatic aneurysms.

Is there such a thing as a portal venous varix?

A portal venous varix (plural: portal venous varices) refers to a segments of aneurysmal / variceal dilatation of the portal vein are extremely rare and represent only 3% of all aneurysms of the venous system. They are still however the most common visceral varix 8.

What are the symptoms of portal vein thrombosis?

The reported prevalence of portal vein thrombosis was 30% in the portal venous system aneurysm cases reported by Gallego et al. [4]. Patients with a thrombosed portal venous system aneurysm may be asymptomatic or may present with acute abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and fever [5, 27].

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