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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common site for portal vein aneurysms?

The most common sites at which portal venous system aneurysms develop are the main portal vein and the confluence of the splenic and the superior mesenteric veins [5]. A significant number of previously reported cases of portal venous system aneurysms were associated with liver cirrhosis and portal hypertension [2, 5].

Is portal venous system aneurysm associated with symptoms of thrombosis?

All thrombosed aneurysms, most with a recurrence, were symptomatic and larger in patients with symptoms of portal venous system aneurysm than in those without symptoms. There were no differences among patients with portal venous system aneurysm and those without portal venous system aneurysm with respect to patient age and patient sex.

Can MDCT be used to diagnose portal venous system aneurysms?

The advent of cross-sectional imaging technology, especially MDCT, has enabled radiologists to diagnose many more venous variations and anomalies, including portal venous system aneurysms, in recent years [ 10 – 12 ].

What is portal venous varix?

A portal venous varix (plural: portal venous varices) refers to a segments of aneurysmal / variceal dilatation of the portal vein are extremely rare and represent only 3% of all aneurysms of the venous system. They are still however the most common visceral varix 8.

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