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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the normal size of portal vein?

Gross anatomy. The portal vein usually measures approximately 8 cm in length in adults with a maximum diameter of 13 mm.

What does portal venous phase spiral CT mean?

Portal Venous Phase Spiral CT. A type of computed tomography (CT) whereby images are taken during the portal venous phase post contrast medium injection. The portal venous phase is defined as the time period in which the contrast medium has passed the heart and the arterial blood vessels and has entered the hepatic portal vein. This type of CT does only apply to liver imaging.

What is the main portal vein?

The portal vein (PV) (sometimes referred to as the main or hepatic portal vein) is the main vessel in the portal venous system and drains blood from the gastrointestinal tract and spleen to the liver. Article: Gross anatomy. Variant anatomy.

What veins join to form the hepatic portal vein?

Formation. While there may be some variations between individuals, the hepatic portal vein is usually formed by the convergence of the superior mesenteric vein and the splenic vein, referred to as the splenic-mesenteric confluence. In some individuals, the hepatic portal vein also directly joins with the inferior mesenteric vein.

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