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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the differential diagnosis for portal vein thrombosis?

Differential diagnosis. The most important differential is to distinguish bland thrombus from tumor thrombus. Porta hepatis masses (e.g. lymph nodes, cholangiocarcinomas) may compress the portal vein and may be confused for portal vein thrombus. They may, of course, co-exist with portal vein thrombosis.

What is CT venography (CTV)?

•  CT venography (CTV) is a technique targeted to assess venous anatomy, determine venous patency & delineate collateral circulation •  Non-invasive, simple protocols, wide anatomic coverage, short acquisition time, and ability to be combined with arterial-phase CTA Lecture Outline •  Basic Clinical Options for Venous Imaging

What are the characteristics of the portal vein?

Portal vein 1 Gross anatomy. The portal vein usually measures approximately 8 cm in length in adults with a maximum diameter... 2 Variant anatomy. There is an increased risk of bile duct hilar anatomical variation in the presence... 3 Development. The embryonic vitelline veins drain from the yolk sac to the sinus venosus.

How much contrast is needed for adequate venous opacification?

– 100-150cc contrast needed for adequate venous opacification – Empiric imaging delay •  60 seconds: upper extremity and pelvic veins •  3 to 3.5 min: lower extremity veins – Smart prep off vein of interest

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