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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of blood clot is in the portal vein?

Portal Vein Thrombosis. Portal vein thrombosis (PVT) is a blood clot of the portal vein, also known as the hepatic portal vein. This vein allows blood to flow from the intestines to the liver. A PVT blocks this blood flow. Although PVT is treatable, it can be life-threatening.

Which is the best treatment for portal vein thrombosis?

For acute PVT, doctors commonly recommend medication as thrombolytic treatment. These prescription drugs can dissolve blood clots. For gradual clot growth, patients may be prescribed anticoagulant drugs — blood thinners such as heparin — to help prevent recurrent clots and any excess growth.

When does deep vein thrombosis occur with no symptoms?

Deep vein thrombosis can cause leg pain or swelling, but also can occur with no symptoms. Deep vein thrombosis can develop if you have certain medical conditions that affect how your blood clots. It can also happen if you don't move for a long time, such as after surgery or an accident, or when you're confined to bed.

How old do you have to be to get deep vein thrombosis?

Being older than 60 increases your risk of DVT, though it can occur at any age. Sitting for long periods of time, such as when driving or flying. When your legs remain still for hours, your calf muscles don't contract, which normally helps blood circulate.

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