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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best portal lifts for ATVs?

Gear Driven Performance manufactures the SuperATV branded portal lifts that are very popular and easy to find across multiple websites. Rockcrusher also makes portal lifts, as does High Lifter, though that shouldn’t come as a surprise. The cost for each lift kit is pretty close]

What is a UTV portal Box?

The portal box replaces your UTV’s stock hub. The box gives you a lift and a gear reduction right at the wheel. This combo makes room for (very) big tires like these Terminator Max Tires and provides the torque-boosting gear reduction to turn them efficiently. It’s everything you need to make a killer build with stellar performance.

What is a portal gear lift?

A portal gear lift is a type of lift kit that has a gear reduction built in. Instead of lifting your suspension like a traditional lift kit, portals put the lift and gear reduction right in the hub. Now let’s talk about how portals work.

Are there any alternatives to portal axles?

Although portal axles are more expensive, they offer considerable advantages on and off the road. There is no alternative. TIBUS Bolt-on portals are available for Land Rover, Mercedes Benz G-wagon, Nissan Patrol and UAZ as well as for some Jeep and various Toyota models, also for Suzuki Jimny.

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