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Frequently Asked Questions

What is portals of prayer?

Portals of Prayer is a quarterly print devotional that has been a favorite for generations of readers. Since 1937, the meaningful daily devotions and ending prayers have offered a daily moment of time with God, comforting believers through their lives.

What is included in a daily devotion?

Each daily devotion includes a Bible reading, meditation and prayer to apply to your daily life, published in multiple sizes and formats – pocket-size, large-print, digest-size and e-books – most convenient and usable for you. Print and digital versions, plus access to our searchable library with years of past devotions!

Is daily prayer free to use?

Welcome back, Visitor. Daily Prayer is completely free, including all membership features. However, spreading the Word of Christ on the internet is not free. The content of ads is not determined by Daily Prayer, but by your computer.

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