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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the portals of prayer for kids?

Buy 10 or more for $12.34 each. Portals of Prayer for Kids: Daily Devotions provides the structure for dedicated time to learn about Jesus and to grow closer together as a family. Adults can read the devotions to younger children, and older children can read them on their own.

Who are the readers of portals of prayer?

“Portals of Prayer is marvelously written and appropriately done with a really nice assortment of prayers. Those individuals to whom I’ve given gift subscriptions also tell me how much they appreciate the devotions.” Elyn L. Williams “I can’t wait to dive in each morning. The devotions are so down to earth.” Jeri Cain

When did the portals of prayer come out?

Portals of Prayer has been a favorite of generations of readers, a timeless daily source of strength and comfort since 1937.

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