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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word posted?

Define posted. posted synonyms, posted pronunciation, posted translation, English dictionary definition of posted. n. 1. A long piece of wood or other material set upright into the ground to serve as a marker or support. 2. A similar vertical support or structure, as: a....

What is a post for kids?

Kids Definition of post (Entry 1 of 7) : a piece of material (as metal or wood) placed firmly in an upright position and used especially as a support or marker

What does it mean to post banns?

1. a. To display (an announcement) in a place of public view. b. To cover (a wall, for example) with posters. 2. To announce by or as if by posters: post banns. 3. Computers To make (an electronic message) available by sending it to an online forum: posted a response to a question about car engines.

What is the definition of post in the Army?

Definition of post (Entry 6 of 9) 1a : the place at which a soldier is stationed especially : a sentry's beat or station. b : a station or task to which one is assigned.

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