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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may operate a powerboat?

Youth 12-15 may operate a boat of more than 10 hp if accompanied by an adult 16 or older (18 or older for personal watercraft) who has a boater education card. A person 16 or older will need a boater education card to operate a power-boat (including a PWC) with a motor greater than 10 hp.

How does a powerboat work?

Sail and powerboats with mechanical steering systems will need either a mechanical linear or rotary drive, which operates the steering system with an electric motor. And if you have a boat with hydraulic steering, the brawn comes in the form of a hydraulic drive pump which mounts to the steering arm.

What is another word for powerboat?

Powerboats: a boat equipped with a motor. Synonyms: motorboats, speedboats, stinkpots... Find the right word.

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