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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did The Powerpuff Girls Rescue from the Townsville Zoo?

The Powerpuff Girls: Rescue from the Townsville Zoo! The Powerpuff Girls: Rescue from the Townsville Zoo! Powerpuff Girls flash game.

Where is the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium?

The Zoo is located at 7370 Baker Street in Pittsburgh. Bring the Zoo to You! More! Journey through the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium this fall amidst colossal, wildlife-themed, handcrafted lanterns. Presented by DSF Charitable Foundation.

Is there a Townsville in the real world?

Townsville is also the name of a city which actually exists in the real world: Townsville, Queensland, Australia. There is also a Townsville in North Carolina, the United States, however it is not a city, but rather an unincorporated community in Vance County.

What is the PPG conservation and Sustainability Fund?

The PPG Conservation and Sustainability Fund is a grant program of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, awarding grants between $1,000 and $3,000 to conservation-oriented projects. Over the past decade the PPG Conservation and Sustainability Fund has supported over 204 projects in 56 countries.

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