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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best typing games?

TypeRacer ( website) is a game to enjoy playing while increasing your overall words per minute. It is one of the most popular free typing games according to the number of people who have already played it. Basically, you race against players from around the world by typing predefined sentences. Aug 16 2019

What are some good online typing games?

Desert Typing Racer is one of the best online typing games if you like racing games. The goal is to type the letters above the cars before you crash into them. It's fast paced which makes it challenging and a lot of fun.

What is the best typing practice?

Touch typing is the best way to type quickly & accurately but chances are, you use the “Hunt and peck” or “Buffering” technique. In the Hunt and peck typing technique, a person generally uses two to five of his fingers or types by looking at the keys.

What is the best typing speed for a beginner?

55 to 60 WPM is a good typing speed for a beginner. If you know all the rules of touch typing it is very easy to type at 60 WPM.

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