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What was the price of silver in 1984?

1984 Silver Prices - Daily Silver Price Fix Data Below Date Silver price in US dollars per troy ounc ... October 11, 1984 $7.12 oz October 12, 1984 $7.13 oz October 15, 1984 $7.22 oz October 16, 1984 $7.27 oz 74 more rows ...

When was the most expensive silver in the United States?

Silver was most expensive in United States history in late January 1980 using real price inflation data. You can always find fresh up to date silver price information on our live Silver Price page. For daily US dollar silver price quotes and data, you can search the last 50 years of data there.

What was the price of silver in 1934?

It was not but months later that the then US President Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6814 nationalizing the domestic private and mined stock of silver at 50¢ oz USD. The result of this was some 109 million oz (see page 268) of physical silver delivered to the US Treasury in 1934.

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