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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the the value 1988 s proof silver dollar?

1988-S Olympic · $1 Modern Commems (Proof) Silver: $27.29 $0.08 Platinum: $1254.43 $4.82 Palladium: $2368.11 $9.05

Where can you buy silver?

Silver coins can be purchased directly from government mints. One of the best ways to buy silver to be sure of its authenticity is to purchase directly from government mints. Coins issued by the U.S. Mint can be purchased directly through the government or authorized dealers.

What is the outlook for silver?

While silver has rallied in recent days, following gold higher, to trade at US$15.70 per ounce, it is still well under US$17 an ounce and down by 8% over the last year. According to some analysts, silver will remain stagnant over the course of 2019 with higher gold the only tailwind that will push the white metal higher.

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