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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricespider help retailers with brand Commerce?

Each day, PriceSpider's brand commerce platform monitors over 500K+ products, their stock availability, prices, and locations across thousands of global ecommerce sites. This is near real-time crawling technology that is on 24-hours a day. PriceSpider partners with the world’s largest retailers to arm top brands with actionable data.

Do you need a password to use pricespider?

Forgot Password? Need help? Click Here to send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What does pricespider's digital shelf analytics solution do?

PriceSpider's Digital Shelf Analytics Solution is another layer of discovery within its Brand Commerce Platform. Brand monitor helps brand's see what’s happening with their 4Ps, product, placement, pricing, and promotions across the digital shelf and everywhere their brand is sold.

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