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Frequently Asked Questions

What does pricespider brand commerce platform do for You?

PriceSpider’s Brand Commerce Platform delivers insights that guide the customer journey from interest to purchase and collects data that tells brands’ their every move along that path. Take control of your customer journey and increase brand loyalty.

What does pricespider image library do in Python?

PriceSpider is an advanced retail data technology company that provides insights about consumer purchasing behavior for the world's largest brand manufacturers. A python image library for performing few types of image hashing, hash distancing, image transformations.

What does pricespider's digital shelf analytics solution do?

PriceSpider's Digital Shelf Analytics Solution is another layer of discovery within its Brand Commerce Platform. Brand monitor helps brand's see what’s happening with their 4Ps, product, placement, pricing, and promotions across the digital shelf and everywhere their brand is sold.

Which is the secret sauce of pricespider platform?

PriceSpider’s proprietary data crawl is the secret sauce that makes everything possible. Both Consumer Conversion and Brand Integrity Solutions include our data capabilities through the Insights Portal, which is essentially the eyes and ears of the platform. This takes the data we crawl within each module and makes it actionable through insights.

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