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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is pricespider and what do they do?

PriceSpider is an advanced retail data technology company that provides insights about consumer purchasing behavior for the world's largest brand manufacturers.

Is there a steep learning curve for pricespider?

Can be overwhelming, very steep learning curve cause by too many moving parts, tribal knowledge, legacy systems, and heavy technical debts. In PriceSpider, we are to connect with a digital environment for followers to experience, learn, locate, and buy goods, allowing companies and fans to prosper together.

What makes price Spider a good place to work?

Price Spider is a great place to work, the management team (CEO & CTO) is very down to earth and caring. the CEO & CTO are brilliant and continue to make great decisions for long-term growth, supportive, global cultures, diversity, bring new culture is quick, hard charging, understand and high respect to employees.

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