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Frequently Asked Questions

What does pricespider brand commerce platform do for You?

PriceSpider’s Brand Commerce Platform delivers insights that guide the customer journey from interest to purchase and collects data that tells brands’ their every move along that path. Take control of your customer journey and increase brand loyalty.

What kind of conversion technology does pricespider use?

PriceSpider’s suite of groundbreaking conversion technology products covers the full spectrum of a retail-purchase process through targeted modules under three categories: Consumer Conversion, Brand Integrity and Conversion Intelligence. Each individual module focuses on a specific aspect of consumer or retailer behavior.

What does pricespider do for the digital shelf?

PriceSpider monitors consumers and sellers, analyzes the data it collects, and enables action to optimize and enforce. We build technology solutions that optimize the digital shelf through insights that help drive purchases and protect brand integrity.

Is the environment at pricespider good for You?

If you are curious by nature and always up for a challenge, the environment at PriceSpider is for you. The industry is exciting and the platform is best in class and has tremendous opportunity ahead. You are surround by bright individuals, many of which share a passion to innovate and love brands.

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