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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about visiting Princeton's campus?

For the latest information about visiting campus, please see the Princeton COVID Resources website. Princeton’s campus is located on 500 acres in the bustling heart of New Jersey. In addition to the daily campus tours and events, many visitors set aside time to explore the region: The town of Princeton offers numerous shops and restaurants.

How do I get to Princeton University by shuttle?

TigerTransit’s shuttle routes circulate through main campus and make connections to the Princeton train station, Forrestal campus, the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and several local grocery stores. ( On-demand service is available after hours.) Campus is located in Princeton, N.J., approximately one mile west of U.S. Route 1.

Can I experience Princeton University main campus in virtual reality?

Experience Princeton University Main Campus in Virtual Reality. Open the accessible version of Princeton University's virtual experience.

Is there a virtual tour of the main campus?

Our 23-stop, student-led virtual tour of the main campus is available in English, Korean, Mandarin and Spanish and includes 360-degree panorama photos and videos. Princeton can also be toured from different perspectives via the GuidiGO mobile app:

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