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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get birthday cards from cats?

There are 16 birthday card from cat free printables right here for you to download instantly. It’s not easy to find birthday cards from cats in the shops so I’ve made heaps of them available for you right here. Some are humorous others are cute. Scroll down to find a Happy Birthday cat card that suits you and your cat’s personality.

Who are the Cats on the 40th birthday card?

Our delightful cat pair, Bud and Tony, help you wish a 40th birthday greeting to the cat-lover in your life. Never ones to pass up a good time, these two charming kitties are all ready to party. While sipping on a "meowgarita", Bud and Tony offer the cat lover in your life a special 40th birthday greeting.

Can you print a birthday card at home?

You can print birthday cards at home well in advance or last minutes before going to the birthday parties. We have more than 400 free birthday cards. They are funny, silly, apt and truly artistic.

How to make E greeting cards for free?

Our ( new photo card app , enables you to turn your photos into e-greeting cards. Download our free eCard App

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