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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free 2020 calendar for kids?

Sharing is caring! We have entered a new year, so we have a FREE printable 2020 calendar for you. Yep, we are THAT organised that we are a year ahead. However, that is a good thing – pin this for later and you are totally ready for next year with the kids. Now that’s a fabulous way to start the new year don’t you think?

How to make printable calendar pages for kids?

Free Printable Behavior Charts and Reward Charts for Kids! Printable calendar pages can be a fun way for kids to keep track of homework assignments, school breaks, birthdays and appointments. Encourage your child to put the printable calendar page in a visible and accessible place in the house so she can see the calendar daily.

Which is the best month to print a 2020 calendar?

January is one of my favourite month’s; I know its not some people’s cup of tea – but our free printable 2020 calendar starts off with a fabulous snow ball fight. A great way to get in the mood for snow fun and winter.

Is there a free printable calendar for 2019?

You loved our free printable 2019 calendar so much, we thought we would help you all get ahead. Even better this year, there’s an EDITABLE version so you can add your own special dates and be EVEN MORE ORGANISED. It costs less than the price of a coffee (£1.99). Select the ‘buy now’ button below to get your copy.

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