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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get coupons from Sunday paper?

Check local grocery stores and department stores' fliers. Sometimes the free circulars and fliers will feature the same coupons printed in the Sunday paper. Check the newspaper's website. Sometimes, the newspaper will post PDF versions of the paper online, and you may be able to print the coupons from your computer.

What is the best newspaper for coupons?

Sunday newspapers are the most reliable source of coupons. They also provide savings on a broad range of products. Three publishers print inserts, which are generally “inserted” into the pre-printed ads and store circulars:

Where to buy Sunday paper on Monday?

However, there are a few stores that will sell the Sunday edition of the newspaper on Monday — if they have extra copies. Kroger, Speedway, and Starbucks are a few places where you may be able to buy the Sunday paper on Monday.

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