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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create graph paper?

To make graph paper, press Ctrl+A, then open the Format Menu, choose Row, and click Height. Set the Height to 12 and click OK. Open the Format menu again and select Column, then click Width. Change the width to 1.43 and click OK. Highlight cells A1 through AS 58, then open the File menu and choose Page Setup.

How can you print a graph paper?

How to Make Printable Graph Paper Using Excel Set Your Workbook View to Page Layout. First, it's a good idea to switch your page view to Page Layout. ... Insert a Table. Next, select a good portion of the page and insert a Table. ... Resize the Cells. After you insert the Table, you can resize the cells. ... Size the Table to Fit the Page. ... Add Color to Your Gridlines. ...

What is the use of a graph paper?

It is used for plotting mathematical functions, plotting experimental data, or drawing designs and diagrams. It is commonly used in math, engineering, science, and art classes. Graph paper is known by a variety of other names which include "graphing paper," "grid paper," and "axis paper.".

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