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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get free printable Thanksgiving place cards?

There are two different sets of Thanksgiving place cards over at Benign Objects, one that features a brown turkey and the other one with two blue turkeys and a cute little heart. Print these free Thanksgiving place cards out and then hand write the name of your guests before folding and placing on your table.

Do you need to print Thanksgiving bingo cards?

This printable contains 12 unique Thanksgiving Bingo Cards. You do not need to print all the cards. Just print as many as you need. (If you have more than 12 players, you will need to print multiple copies.) Download, print and cut up the Thanksgiving Bingo Calling Cards . Place all 24 calling cards in a bag or container.

Are there any free printable Thanksgiving word search games?

Today I have started adding games to different categories once again and made these three versions of free printable thanksgiving word search game. There are 30 words that you will have to find and I have also provided a solution. The words and puzzle are the same but the design is different for all the printables.

How many scrambled words are on Thanksgiving cards?

There are 24 Thanksgiving related scrambled words on each card. This game can be played in classrooms and at your homes with the whole family. You can easily print this game using a home printer and you can choose to print a design that you like the most.

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