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Frequently Asked Questions

What games are played on Thanksgiving?

The tradition of playing football games on Thanksgiving continues to this day. High school football games played on Thanksgiving are often called a Turkey Day Game or a Turkey Bowl (not to be confused with Turkey bowling), as Americans typically eat turkeys on Thanksgiving, although the title varies with each game.

What are some Thanksgiving games to play?

Some fun games to play on Thanksgiving are "Thanksgiving Bingo," "Thanksgiving Mad Libs" and "Turkey Tag.". These are all family-friendly games that can involve children and adults. "Thanksgiving Bingo" is a bingo game that is themed around Thanksgiving.

What do kids do on Thanksgiving?

Bring construction paper, glue sticks, and googly eyes while visiting relatives on Thanksgiving. Cutting Tiny Bites’ invitation to create turkeys can keep the kids happily creating as dinner is prepared. Get their little fingers moving with feather weaving on Thanksgiving.

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