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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any printables for free for Thanksgiving?

These free printables are perfect for the Thanksgiving table since this list includes place cards, centerpieces, and more. The kids will love the free Thanksgiving printables like the coloring sheets, games, and worksheets.

Are there coloring pages for kids for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving coloring pages are all about Thanksgiving and all that makes this holiday so special. You can also mix in some turkey coloring pages and fall coloring pages for extra fun. Follow the directions on each site to select and print your Thanksgiving color pages and then let the kids spend the afternoon being creative.

Which is the best worksheet for kids for Thanksgiving?

This Thanksgiving fraction worksheet helps your kid work up an appetite. Try our Thanksgiving fraction worksheet and work through holiday-themed word problems. Color in this pilgrim coloring page with your child. Children practice simple subtraction in this holiday-themed worksheet.

Are there any free Thanksgiving games for kids?

These fun & free printable Thanksgiving games and activities for adults and kids will inspire you to relax and enjoy some time with the family this year! So it's November and really I LOVE this month -- but I also dread this month a little.

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