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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the printing press so important during the Renaissance?

Printing Press. The Printing press became the one of the most important inventions of the Renaissance and could be considered essentially one of the main causes in the Renaissance. Gutenberg's press could produce books quickly and with relatively little effort, bookmaking became much less expensive, thus allowing more people to buy reading material.

How did the printing press affect the Renaissance?

The effect of the printing press in the Renaissance in the 15th century, Italy. Gray (1963) argues that the pursuit of eloquence joined humanists of all shades; and to ignore the impact of eloquence and the ideas associated with it is to distort the mentality of humanism and disregard a vital dimension of Renaissance thought and method as well.

What is effect of the printing press on the Renaissance?

The printing press didn't launch the Renaissance, but it vastly accelerated the rediscovery and sharing of knowledge.

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