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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you download printer software?

Downloading Software Consult your printer's manual. Go to the printer manufacturer's website. Click the Printers tab. Search for your printer model. Look for a "Software" download link. Click the download link for your printer's software. Wait for your printer's software to download. Unzip the software's folder if you're on Windows.

How to reinstall printer software?

Follow the steps below to reinstall the printer driver: Make sure the printer is still powered off. Connect the printer cable to the printer and the computer. Power the printer on, and the driver will install automatically.

How to open HP printer software?

On your Start Menu, in the alphabetical list, scroll down to H and open the HP software from there. More usually, this software can be opened from the Taskbar icon on the bottom right of your screen, if you cannot see the HP logo, click the up arrow beside your taskbar, notification area. . .Learn more

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