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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best quality T shirt printing method?

1. Screen Printing. Screen printing is the most popular and widely used printing process for beautiful t-shirts, especially when you are printing in bulk. It involves using screens to apply ink to the t-shirts. The resulting artwork is of very high quality and can last a long time.

What is the best method for T-shirt printing?

What Are the Best T-Shirt Printing Methods? Screenprinting. ... Inkjet and laser iron-on printing. ... Direct to garment printing (DTG) If you're printing a colorful design in a small batch of, say, five t-shirts, then this is likely one of the best methods to choose. CAD-cut vinyl. ... Plastisol transfers. ... Dye-sublimation printing. ... Discharge printing. ... Cut and sew. ... Stencil printing. ... Resist dyeing. ...

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