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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Grand Prix?

(gräN′ prē′) n. pl. Grand Prix (prēz′, prē′) Any of several competitive international road races for sports cars of specific engine size over an exacting, usually risky course.

What does Prix TTC mean?

If service is included, this should be indicated by the words service compris ( SC) , service et taxe compris ( STC) or prix nets/toutes taxes comprises ( TTC), which means that prices are inclusive of service and value added tax ( TVA).

What is a mini Prix?

A mini prix is a smaller version of the grand prix, the biggest and most lucrative class of the show. The mini prix will have a higher entry fee than the other classes of the division in order to allow for greater prize money.

What does prix fixe mean in French?

The phrase prix fixe is French for "fixed price.". When a restaurant indicates that it is offering a prix fixe menu or a prix fixe dinner, that means that it is offering a meal at a fixed price.

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