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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a production coordinator?

To become a Production Coordinator, Chahin offers clear advice: “There’s a clear track once you start working, and that is to enter the production office. Once you’re in as an Office Production Assistant, you either move up to Production Secretary and/or Line Producer ’s Assistant.

What does a production coordinator do on TV?

The production coordinator is a demanding but vital behind-the-scenes position that makes sure the show goes on. What Is a Production Coordinator?

What is a production coordinator (POC)?

Reporting to either a production manager, producer, or unit production manager (UPM), a production coordinator (POC) organizes the various crew needed to make a video production happen. The production coordinator delegates tasks to a team of production assistants (PAs) to keep the production running smoothly.

When is the best time of day to work as a production coordinator?

The morning is also a great time for a production coordinator to catch up on last minute items before the start of the day. If you’re feeling especially swamped, it’s a great time to do an organization check. As a production coordinator salary is usually a weekly flat rate, you’re expected to work as many hours as needed.

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