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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a production coordinator make a year?

If you’re working for a studio or production company, expect to earn around 45k per year. If you’re working on an hourly rate, expect to earn around 25 dollars an hour. Production coordinator jobs each come with their own set of rules and salaries as a result.

When is the best time of day to work as a production coordinator?

The morning is also a great time for a production coordinator to catch up on last minute items before the start of the day. If you’re feeling especially swamped, it’s a great time to do an organization check. As a production coordinator salary is usually a weekly flat rate, you’re expected to work as many hours as needed.

Should a production coordinator have a standing desk?

Not listed in the production coordinator job description: sitting in the production office for hours. If you have a stiff chair or back, you’re going to get distracted and not be as productive. Keep your workflow blazing by purchasing a comfy chair and/or standing desk. Look here to find a list of affordable standing desks.

What are the different levels of production pay?

Tier 1 – Production Designer, Director of Photography, Principal Makeup, Line Producer, etc. were all paid the “Key” rate, or the highest rate. Tier 2 – Art Director, 1st Assistant Camera, Asst. Makeup, 1st AD, were all paid the “Subkey” rate, or the middle rate.

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