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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a production coordinator do?

The production coordinator is a member of the below-the-line production staff, which refers to all crew members on a TV show or film who are not the creative principals of a production, and reports to the production manager. The production coordinator manages communicating with crew members.

What does a co coordinator do in a movie?

Coordinators also manage a team of production assistants (PAs) and assign them more menial tasks during a production. Basically, they work behind the scenes making sure the administrative side of a production runs smoothly. What is a film coordinator responsible for? What is a Production Coordinator? What does a production coordinator do?

What is a production coordinator (POC)?

Reporting to either a production manager, producer, or unit production manager (UPM), a production coordinator (POC) organizes the various crew needed to make a video production happen. The production coordinator delegates tasks to a team of production assistants (PAs) to keep the production running smoothly.

Should a production coordinator have a standing desk?

Not listed in the production coordinator job description: sitting in the production office for hours. If you have a stiff chair or back, you’re going to get distracted and not be as productive. Keep your workflow blazing by purchasing a comfy chair and/or standing desk. Look here to find a list of affordable standing desks.

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