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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the producers of production I G?

All Rights Reserved. Produced by: Production I.G, Bandai Visual, Bandai Entertainment, Dentsu, Nippon Television Network, Tokuma Shoten, Victor Entertainment, Manga Entertainment. © R.G./ I.P/SCP/CX · ANX

Which is the best production i.g.anime?

Production I.G has always ensured that all of its anime are treated well and are able to serve justice to their source material. Even if you go back to their earlier productions such as ‘Ghost in the Shell’, you’ll notice that every aspect of it is timeless and the way it has been executed even inspires many western filmmakers of today.

What does Production I.G mean in Ghost in the Shell?

Production I.G is closer to several divisions working under the same name (such as with Sunrise) than it is to being a single studio. These different studios are known as different "sections" in reference to the studio's Ghost in the Shell franchise.

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