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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IgG production studio?

Production I.G is a Japanese production studio founded in 1987 by ex-Tatsunoko Production staff.They've been responsible for dozens upon dozens of movie, video game and anime productions, including Psycho-Pass, Ghost in the Shell, and Eden of the East.They are also well-regarded for their use of digital compositing techniques.

What kind of anime does IgG make?

Production I.G has been involved in the creation of numerous anime television series, OVAs, theatrical films, and is further involved in video game design and development, as well as music publishing and management. Among its prominent works are Guilty Crown, Psycho-Pass, Eden of the East, and the Ghost in the Shell series.

What does the I and G in Goto studios stand for?

The letters I and G derive from the names of the company founders, Mitsuhisa Ishikawa and popular character designer Takayuki Goto. The company is a member of The Association of Japanese Animations (AJA), an association of over 50 Japanese anime studios.

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